Our business

We rework your calipers!!

 Long periods without using classic and vintage cars are not uncommon. Therefore, it is quite common that due to corrosion, the first trip in the spring ends usually with "smoke signals". Improper repair deteriorating often the situation. Send us your calipers, and we overtake them with original parts (if still available). If requested, we send a ready-fitted version with the appropriate brakepads.

We also provide repair kits for all popular calipers ATE and Delco!





We repair your rear axles!

Bearingseat calibration, Diff.- adjustment and replacement of all bearings, even with locked rear axles.


Bodywork repairs in conjunction with partial or complete paint jobs
Monza-A Bj. 1980

Although from 1.Hand, yet there were many interventions in technology and sheet metal necessary

Engine modifications, tuning and repair